Arsenic and Old Lace. Holiday. Bachelor Mother. Charade. Roman Holiday. North by Northwest. Easy Living. It Happened One Night. His Girl Friday. Ninotchka. Hands Across the Table. Notorious.

I could go on and on (and on) listing the classic films I adore.  I could talk for hours about the allure of Deanna Durbin and explain why Born Yesterday and Nothing Sacred are overrated and weigh in on the age-old Gene Kelly vs. Fred Astaire debate.  In fact, I often do, and at great lengths, to the people around me – most of whom are decidedly underwhelmed by the fact that I can rattle off Carole Lombard’s birth name without thinking twice.  (It’s Jane Alice Peters, by the way.)

Yes, there are a limited number of people in my life who enjoy classic film, and none who enjoy it to the degree I do.  “So,” I asked myself, “where do I go to meet some like-minded folk who are just as captivated by Hollywood’s Golden Age as I?”

“To the Internet!” I replied.

Thus, here I am, to offer reviews and commentary about the films I love or the films I’m still discovering.  Most people frame the Golden Age between the late 1920s and early 1960s, but you’ll notice my picks largely cheating toward the earlier end of that timeframe.  The balance will also tip toward comedies and musicals – I can’t help it.  I like to laugh.  The screwball comedy is decidedly my favorite genre (hence the blog’s name, obviously).  Other genres will pop up – I do love most of Hitchcock’s work, for instance, and not just his comedies – but it’ll be as I said. A tipped balance.

Final caveat: I’ve studied film a small amount and media in general a great deal more at the graduate and doctoral levels, and have read and researched quite a bit on my own, as well.  But I definitely don’t bill myself as an expert by any means.  I’m just another person who gets a little thrill every time opening credits flash across a screen.